Silver Zirconia Adjustable Ring for Women

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Looking for a fun and unique piece of jewelry? This silver zirconia ring for women is perfect! The dainty adjustable ring fits size 6-7 and the center zirconia and halo stones spin to reflect an array of sparkling lights.

Silver Zirconia Adjustable Ring for Women Features:

Materials: AAA Zirconia stones set in silver metal
Size: Adjustable 6-7

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If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that is both unique and stylish, then you need to check out the Silver Zirconia Adjustable Ring for women. This ring features a beautiful center Zirconia stone that is surrounded by a halo of spin stones. The spin stones are what give this ring its unique look. They also reflect light in different ways, which means that the wearer will always have a happy and bright face. Whether she is riding a bike or painting a picture, this multifunctional ring can travel with her anywhere and for any event.

The AAA zirconia stones set in the silver metal piece is a must-have staple in any jewelry box as it can be adjusted to fit whatever finger or size the wearer wished to have it switched to. Something is freeing about not being restricted to wearing your ring only on one preset finger. Sometimes a girl likes to move her ring around to see what hand best captures the magic of the sparkler, and other days, she would like to have it remain on a specified finger because sometimes stability is welcoming too.